Pervasive Data Integrator


Pervasive Data Integrator™ - a proven, flexible product for aggregating data from various sources into data warehouses, data marts or other target systems on a continuous, event-driven or regularly scheduled basis. (For more Information)
Pervasive Data Profiler™ — this data profiling solution eliminates the complexities, risk, and expense associated with manually checking data. Versatile and easy to use, it improves IT productivity, eliminates costly rework, and increases ROI around applications and business processes. (For more Information)
Pervasive Integration Manager™— a browser-based management console providing single-point administration, performance monitoring and job scheduling of integration processes running on remote Integration Engines. (For more Information)
Oracle Adapters — Pervasive Data Adapters for Oracle Application Server enable rapid access to heterogeneous data and offer the unique capability to process non-relational and semi-structured content that is buried throughout most companies. Our adapters eliminate the complexity of low-level interface coding, while reducing cost, time, and risk. (For more Information)
Pervasive MessageStore — is a data collection framework that allows companies to receive, integrate, store, audit and retrieve data sent in message formats such as XML or EDI, and in industry standards such as HIPAA, HL7, or ACORD. It provides companies in healthcare, insurance, and other industries with a high value, low TCO way to become compliant with these industry standards without custom coding, having to learn the complexities of the standards themselves, or becoming certified in those standards.
Pervasive Integration Scenarios PortalIntegration challenges, and the most robust approaches to solving them, largely fall into repeating patterns with relatively minor variations between industry verticals. This portal is intended to help you quickly identify the type of integr

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