PSQL v10

PSQL v10

Support for Vista, 64-bit, and .NET 2.0
• Windows Vista - PSQL v10 runs out-of-the box as a Windows Vista application - including all of the API and SDK components.
• 64-bit - PSQL supports the latest Windows platforms running on Intel and AMD 64-bit architecture. With more memory and address space, up to 4TB cache will become a significant advantage. PSQL Summit v10 includes native 64-bit API support for Btrieve and DTI.
• .NET 2.0 - Take advantage of .NET 2.0's improved security and better management of application runtimes.
All New Performance Features
• Xtreme I/O - Accelerates the I/O of your database files. Xtreme I/O takes advantage of SMP (symmetric multi processing) for applications with large data sets, reducing the time required for reads and writes.
• Page Compression - By compressing data at the page level (instead of the file level), Pervasive PSQL v10 reduces application I/O. Pages are decompressed and placed in cache for reads, and compressed for writes.
• Record Compression - Reduce space and I/O requirements and speed up your application. PSQL v10 compresses contiguous characters, shrinking I/O and increasing performance.
More SQL Syntax, Upgraded Install
• Long Metadata - We've added long metadata support for up to 128 byte lengths for columns, names, views, stored procedures and more. PSQL v10 includes a metadata conversion utility to make the transition simple and fast.
• New Installer - PSQL v10 uses the latest Microsoft Windows Installer. Deployment is simple with the ability to choose between a complete or custom installation for the PSQL Client, Workgroup, or Server.
Read 10 Reasons to Upgrade to PSQL v10.
Still Backward Compatible
• Backward Compatible - Pervasive continues it's tradition of making upgrades easy by providing backward compatibility with ten years of previous versions of PSQL.
• Easy Migration - PSQL v10 is file compatible with Btrieve 6.15, V7, V8, and v9. Compare versions of PSQL.

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