Pervasive Data Integrator

Pervasive Data Integrator

Staying Ahead of the Competition

In today's information-driven markets, businesses face the competitive challenge of finding new and better ways to aggregate, replicate, convert, and load data from across the enterprise into centralized stores for informed decision making.

Compounding this challenge, data must often be gathered from widely disparate sources, across multiple platforms and environments, and between both new and legacy systems—all on a real-time, event driven, or scheduled occurrence.

Without quality data gathered and processed on a regular basis, businesses lack the vital information they need to make the right decisions at the right time — and stay ahead of the competition.

Value-Based Solutions

Pervasive Data Integrator™ provides budget-conscious medium-sized enterprises with a feature-rich and highly configurable product for integration design, deployment, and management.

Designed as a value-based solution, Data Integrator provides cost-effective extraction, cleansing, and standardization of data from sources throughout the organization—on a continuous, event-driven, or regularly scheduled basis.

Design interfaces are both easy to use and administer, so they can help increase the productivity of staff members regardless of skill sets and levels. What's more, Data Integrator is the only ETL and data integration product that saves and stores all design metadata in an open XML-based design repository for easy metadata interchange and reuse.

With Data Integrator, businesses can speed deployment, minimize the impact of system changes and new user requirements, and reduce project risk.

With Data Integrator, businesses can develop integration solutions with flexibility, scalability, and accountability, including a low total cost of ownership and accelerated time to value.

Benefits with Data Integrator

  • Flexible Integration
  • Increased Performance and Efficiency
  • Improved Time to Value


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